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3 Eco-friendly School Fundraising Options:

Life as a parent is busy. The busier you are, the harder it is to remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  At Spirit Gear, we think it is important to be environmentally friendly, which is why we have put together some eco-friendly school fundraising ideas.

These fundraisers are simple, effective, and provide products that are easy to use (and to remember)! An added bonus is that if your child’s school decides to host one (or all) of these fundraisers, you will be getting a product that gives back to the school, without harming the environment! These fundraisers not only give back to your community, they also help put money back in your pocket. Keep reading to find out how!

Custom Coffee Mugs: Coffee – a life source for many adults, can be hugely detrimental to the environment. Think of how many disposable coffee cups you throw out each week. Multiply that number across all of the coffee addicts in the United States (or world for that matter), and you can see how reusing becomes an essential objective for reducing waste. Reusable coffee mugs are great, but customized coffee mugs that show off a little school spirit are even better! Why? These mugs give back to your child’s school, so you can rest assured that each time you take a sip of that coffee, you’ve helped provide a quality learning environment for your child!

Added bonus: many coffee shops give a “bring your own mug” discount! You will be saving money, helping the environment, and giving back to your community. It all starts with a school fundraiser!

Custom Water Bottles: We have all seen the horrible images of plastic water bottles floating out to sea, and the even more horrible results of what happens when wildlife eat plastic. Reusing water bottles is the first step to ridding the seas of plastic – and you and your child can take the first steps by bringing a Spirit Drive to your child’s school! Custom water bottles are an easy sell. They will help keep your child hydrated, while keeping our oceans clean.

Added bonus: buying plastic water bottles gets expensive. Investing in a sturdy, reusable water bottle can save you hundreds of dollars each year!

Re-usable Shopping Bags: Let’s face it. Plastic shopping bags are absolutely terrible for the environment. In addition to being a nuisance for Mother Nature – they are also a hassle to use. How many times have your bags split on you as you were making the trek from the car to the house? Reusable bags save you a headache, and they are an easy sell.

Added bonus: many states are implementing a extra fees and taxes to people who are still choosing plastic bags at the grocery store. Save 10₵ (or more) per bag and switch to reusable!

Spirit Gear Direct is a great source for custom gear and wear! We offer customizable water bottles, and coffee mugs at wholesale prices. Please check out our website www.SpiritGearDirect.com for more options, or CLICK HERE to contact us about bringing a Spirit Gear Drive to your school!

Thank you for reading our blog about environmentally friendly fundraising ideas! If you have other environmentally friendly ideas, please leave them in the comment section below!

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